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Facial Esthetics – Staten Island, NY

No More Facial Lines

At NU Dental Staten Island, we want to give our patients the best dental experience we can. Not only do we protect their oral health, but we make sure they can be proud of its appearance and show it off with confidence. However, it’s all too common for patients to avoid smiling because they don’t like their facial lines around their mouth, eyes, or eyebrows. Dr. G can help remove them with one of our treatments to enhance facial esthetics in Staten Island, NY, especially if you’re worried about your facial lines making you appear older than you actually are. To schedule a consultation, call us today!

Why Choose NU Dental Staten Island for Facial Esthetics?


Patient receiving Botox treatment

Did you know that Botox treatments could be performed in a dental office? This treatment is designed to prevent muscle contractions that involuntarily cause wrinkles around your certain areas of your face. Three to ten days following your treatment, the skin around these treated muscles will have smoothed themselves out. However, you will need to complete treatments every several months or so to ensure your look remains youthful. Until then, you can enjoy a smile and facial esthetic that is entirely wrinkle-free!

Learn More About Botox


Woman's smooth skin after juvederm

If you haven’t heard of Juvederm, you should know that it is an injectable dermal filler. While it can be used to smooth out the skin like Botox, it is often used to target specific wrinkles, particularly the folds stretching from the nose to the mouth, the mouth to the chin, and frown lines. Instead of stopping muscle movements entirely like Botox does, Juvederm restores volume to your skin and makes it look fuller. Not only does receiving these fillers virtually pain-free, but they are designed to last anywhere between three months and a year.

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